17 de septiembre de 2012

Gracias Terry · Thanks Terry

El artista de Maryland Terry Miller, hace este comentario en su blog sobre mi obra West Wind mostrada este año en Birds in Art. Muchas gracias Terry y gracias Lluis Sogorb por llamar mi atención sobre su blog.
Maryland artist Terry Miller's blog posts this comment on my work West wind shown in this year's edition of Birds in Art: Thanks a lot Terry and thanks Lluis Sogorb for calling my attention on the post.

"Spaniard, Juan Varela Simo's oil, 'West Wind' also grabbed my attention as I came up to it in the galleries. As in Murtha's work previous, I also stood before this lovely beach scene and felt the wind on my cheek and the soft spray of sand grains as they blew up. I really connected with this work as the composition certainly was one after my own heart. All the elements were perfectly placed, beautifully rendered and allowed me to immerse myself into its world for a time. A good work of art should do just that, let us get lost in it and find much to jog memory or aid recall of experience. I certainly could see myself walking the beaches of southern New Jersey or Chincoteague Island standing before this one."

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